Y GenY?

10 09 2009
Fashion Week

Fashion Week

Like many others, you may be asking yourself the very simple question, “WHY GENY?” Why all the hype around this generation? Why do we care?

Perhaps it has to do with the huge influence generation y is having on certain aspects of the world. As we embark on one of the most celebrated weeks in New York City, that is right, FASHION WEEK, it only seems appropriate to mention “gen y’s” extraordinary impact on the fascinating realm of FASHION…..

With today’s surge in technology and a seemingly endless increase in the amount of time that teens and emerging adults spend engaged in the media, it is no wonder that unique points of view and new outlooks on life are constantly in formation. “Gen y-ers” are “in the know” and they are certainly making waves in the land of clothing, accessories, and catwalks.

I came across an interesting passage in Kenneth W Gronbach’s book, The Age Curve: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Storm.…which certainly touches upon the very notion mentioned above.

“My advice to those who are currently running Levi Strauss would be to get ready for Generation Y. Generation Y’s consumption of fashion will be huge and could launch Levi’s sales to the levels of the old days. However, don’t expect Generation Y to embrace the old standard Levi’s styles automatically. It’s not going to go down like that. This is a huge generation with very fragmented and individualistic ideas of what its members should look like.”

So WATCH OUT fashionistas, Gen Y is coming for you…and they are not holding back. 😉

P.S-You can learn more about Gronbach’s work by visiting his website at KGC Direct – Ken Gronbach