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17 09 2009
Rodarte's Collection at New York Fashion Week

Rodarte's Collection at New York Fashion Week

Photo: Courtesy of the New York Times

In the style section of today’s New York Times, Rodarte’s designing duo, sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, received praise and recognition. With today’s ailing economy, it is important for designers to bring something new and exciting to the table. When times are good and the fashion industry is booming, designers tend to get lazy, and are less likely to focus on fueling their creative thinking. Essentially, they are more likely to “play it safe”. However, today’s article, “All Eyes Shift to Creativity” states,

“The Rodarte show was one of the many hopeful auguries this week, signs that New York fashion has already started to regenerate itself through improvisation, experiment collaboration and the locally prized habit of taking risks.”

As I am sure you all remember, it was also Rodarte‘s designers that recently incorporated the inspiration they found on eighth grader Tavi Gevinson’s blog into their fashion design…. now that is something to think about!

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Blogging: The Key To The Fashion World

17 09 2009



I hope you were all inspired by the link I posted to Katherine Rosman’s article in the Wall Street Journal “Fashion’s Secret Helpers.” However, Rosman is not alone in picking up on this up and coming Gen Y trend.

It is extremely exciting that teens as young as 13-years old are breaking into the fashion industry by simply pouring their creative juices into blogs and websites for the world to see. Not only are big names in the fashion world noticing, but they are also reaching out and responding to the enormous talent and potential displayed by these teeny members of Generation Y.

In a recent article published in the New York Times, entitled “Young Bloggers Have Ear of Fashion Heavyweights,” author Alice Pfeiffer introduces us to a slew of other teen bloggers that have been catching the attention of fashion’s major players.

“The magazine and other fashion blogs and blog networks are helping to give young entrepreneurs an early entry into journalism and winning some of them a place in the notoriously competitive fashion industry. Other sites include TeenUgly, an American-based blog network; the blogs Style Bubble, based in London, and Childhood Flames, from the United States; and Cherry Blossom Girl, a blogger and designer from Paris.”


The article explains that this facet should come as no surprise, seeing how technology has played an enormous role in the lives of Generation Y members since they were born. Thomas Gonsorcik, the head of intelligence at the social media consultancy, Interaction London, is quoted in the article,

“Today’s teenagers never had to discover the Internet. They were almost predetermined to master the new means of media and communication in a way that is qualitatively much richer than the older generation.”

Blogging has certainly provided these youngsters with a key to the fashion industry, as some have landed spots assisting fashion designers, creating their own accessories lines for major stores, and even lending a hand with fashion magazine production. How exciting is that? I know I wouldn’t mind being in their shoes…. šŸ™‚

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