18 09 2009

Don’t you want to see what the Marc Jacobs’ “BB” bag looks like?

Here you go….

Marc Jacobs "BB" Bag
Marc Jacobs “BB” Bag
On the Runway!
On the Runway!

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The Talk at Teen Vogue….

18 09 2009

While perusing one of my all time favorite blogs on, I came across some more talk about teen bloggers and their access to the fashion industry. “Key Players: They’re not designers, stylists, or magazine editors–yet. The next generation of influential fashion forces is making its mark online with buzzed-about style blogs,” introduces us to more members of Gen Y who are making their presence known in among the big leaguers. (Yes, I know it is awesome!)

The Awesome BryanBoy Himself!

The Awesome BryanBoy Himself!

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I was really struck by one newcomer, BryanBoy‘s story…

“Style blogs have grown into such an important force that even major names are logging on. When Phillipines-based BryanBoy aired a homemade video tribute to Marc Jacobs on his cheeky self-titled blog, the designer himself reached out to let Bryan know that he was an avid reader. A few days after the Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 show, Jacobs e-mailed Bryan again, to tell him he was naming one of the bags from the collection–an ostrich satchel–the “BB” in his honor.”

Talk about inspiration! Teens all over the country are really putting themselves out there. Style blogs have become an extraordinary way to express creativity and the added perk is that these teens are really getting noticed. Kudos to all!

Read the rest of the TeenVogue piece here Teen Fashion Bloggers: Industry Insider:

And don’t forget to visit BryanBoy by following the link on my blogroll…