Adventures of a Teen Vogue Blogger, NYU's Emily Gaynor!

23 09 2009

Emily Gaynor :)

Emily Gaynor 🙂

I recently spoke with Emily Gaynor, a junior at NYU majoring in journalism. Lucky girl that she is, Emily has interned at TeenVogue for the past three years. She recently started blogging for Teen Vogue’s Online Beauty Blog. Here is what she had to say!

Q: What do you think about young teens and 20 year olds using BLOGS to break into the fashion industry?

A: As a twenty-something who is breaking into the industry, I am an avid reader of blogs. The Internet is an amazing outlet for young people to get out their ideas and be able to earn the respect and following that they deserve. The blogosphere has recently turned out some amazing fashion blogs that are gaining reputations in well-revered fashion mediums such as magazines like Vogue.

Q: As fashion week just passed, there has recently been a lot of press discussing teen fashion blogging and certain bloggers like “BryanBoy” and Tavi Gevinson who used their blogs to catch the eye of high fashion designers like Rodarte and Marc Jacobs. They got to enjoy a lot of special privileges that most of us “fashionistas” can only dream of. Have you heard anything about this? How does it make you feel?

A: I am a huge fan of both BryanBoy and Tavi. They have made names for themselves by expressing their passions for the fashion industry and unique styles in their blogs. I also follow other stylish teens such as Julia Frakes, the adorable blogger for Paper Magazine’s FashionSchmasion blog and her own hit “BunnyBisous.” It is great when people who are my age or even younger than me are sitting next to some of the major editors at the shows because our generation is a key consumer base for the industry and the recent surge of blogs has made this business a more even playing field.

Q: Do you have any personal experience with a fashion blog? If so, has it gotten you any cool inside access to the fashion world?

This is my third year at Teen Vogue. I used to intern in Production under the senior producer and bookings editor and I have recently made the jump from behind the scenes to sharing my voice on the Teen Vogue “Beauty Blog.” This experience has given me some very exciting access into the world of fashion. I got to cover backstage at many of the shows during fashion week. I most recently covered a L’Oreal Paris event for their Color of Hope line which is a collaboration with the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Being able to mix fashion with my studies of Journalism at NYU has provided me with an incredible peek into what I hope to do as my career.

Q: Do you have any friends/know any other teens that have used their fashion blog to get them somewhere in the industry, whether it be for an internship or getting into an event etc?

A: I recently met Julia Frakes, which was very great for me because I really respect her writing style and her appreciation for fashion and various charities around NYC. She seems to be doing it all at a very young age and I think she is an inspiration for college students who are able to manage careers and focus on school at the same time. I also have been following a young woman named Caylee who lives in Indiana and attends Indiana University. Her blog, “ifyouseekstyle,”, is a collection of her outfit choices along with her fashion muses. I am from Indiana, so it is exciting to see a girl from the Midwest who is making a name for herself by simply creating outfits that are all reasonably priced and getting recognized by some major fashion websites such as “WhoWhatWear,” “Refinery29,” and “Chictopia.”

Q: I know that you have been interning at Teen Vogue, can you describe your most exciting experience having to do with the fashion world and why? (it would be awesome if this experience had any connection to your ability to blog/work for the teen vogue website/etc)

 While my internship in the Beauty Department has just really begun, I would have to say that gaining backstage access to the shows in order to cover the hair and makeup for Teen Vogue’s blog has been one of the most amazing experiences. Teen Vogue really trusts its’ interns and being able to have the freedom to write what I want and put my input into such a major influence on the industry, especially teenagers, is really mind-boggling. I am grateful for this opportunity and hope to keep up this kind of work.

Q: Recall the most awesome experience you had at this past Fashion Week in New York City.

A: The best Fashion Week memory from this past week was my trip to the tent at Bryant Park to cover backstage at Yigal Azrouel. I think he is a talented designer, who makes women exude a fierce confidence. Seeing makeup artist extraordinaire Bobbi Brown in action backstage was a really big moment for a girl like me from the middle of nowhere! I remember my mom bought me her book when I was about thirteen and I was so happy because she got me an autographed copy. Now, I just interviewed her for the Teen Vogue blog, which is something I would not have even dreamed of doing a few years ago!

Q: Any additional comments you wish to add about young people breaking into the fashion industry and blogging in general.

 A: While there are some criticisms about blogging in general, I think that blogging is a perfect supplement for the fashion world. It has created a perfect relationship, where designers are gaining so much exposure, and young people are earning respect for their responsible, yet creative coverage. I still love magazines and I think that the editorial work of magazines will never truly translate into an online phenomenon. However, in terms of writing, many of the blogs are very clever and witty, and it is nice that some of the magazines are putting a lot of time into their own blogs, because everyone is realizing that being online is the new way to go.