Meet Dara Adeeyo….

26 09 2009


Dara Adeeyo

Dara Adeeyo


So while I was on Facebook this morning, my friend and former Seventeen intern, Dara Adeeyo‘s facebook status caught my attention….

DARA ADEEYO just renewed her blog’s domain. Holla to owning a website! Sort of…8 hours ago

Here we see a first hand look at how much value GenYers put on blogging and how blogs are truly used as a way of establishing some sort of individuality, creative outlet, and a way to communicate with others.

I spoke with Dara about fashion blogging. She had a lot of great insight to share…

Q. What do you think about young teens and 20-year-olds using BLOGS to break into the fashion industry?

A.I think it’s great! As a blogger myself, I love seeing Bloggers get a foot into the door of the fashion industry with their blogs. However, as a writer and journalism student, I can appreciate but also find annoying bloggers who only post photos of their daily outfits. I find that most of the time, these type of Bloggers just want to gain celebrity. That’s just my personal opinion.

Q. As fashion week just passed, there has recently been a lot of press discussing teen fashion blogging and certain bloggers like “BryanBoy” and Tavi Gevinson who used their blogs to catch the eye of high fashion designers like Rodarte and Marc Jacobs. They got to enjoy a lot of special privileges that most of us “fashionistas” can only dream of. Have you heard anything about this? How does it make you feel?

A. I’ve heard of this and think it’s a once in a life time opportunity for many of these Bloggers. I think it serves as great press for many of the designers, assuming the Bloggers blog about their experience. With Fashion Blogging becoming a new fad, I hope that there isn’t a competition amongst other Bloggers to get such invites. I think a lot of Fashion Bloggers forget the important of just blogging for the thrill of it and not what perks can come out of it.

Q. Do you have any personal experience with a fashion blog? If so, has it gotten you any cool inside access to the fashion world?

I’ve been a Blogger since I was 10 years old; you know, using outlets like Xanga and LiveJournal. I’ve been a Fashion Blogger since 2007. It’s called Secretista: I talk about fashion and at first I used to post a lot of outfit posts with mainly pictures, but then I decide to use my blog as practice for my writing. I would like to think my blog helped me get my internship at They were impressed by my love for the Internet and also loved that I was a Blogger. Also, some designers like Brian Reyes randomly put me on their email list, so I get the inside scoop on what they are up to.

Q. I know that you have been interning at Teen Vogue, can you describe your most exciting experience having to do with the fashion world and why? (it would be awesome if this experience had any connection to your ability to blog/work for the teen vogue website/etc)

A: Interning at Seventeen and Teen Vogue has made me realize how much I love fashion. At both internships I was able to go to NY Fashion Week shows, but at my current internship at Teen Vogue, I not only went to shows, but blogged about them or helped put up blog posts about the shows. Teen Vogue also allowed me to go to events such as the G-Shock party: I was20also able meet Avril Lavigne and interview her about her Abbey Dawn line.

Q. Any additional comments….

A. Fashion Bloggers are being given so many opportunities! Rumi of Fashion Toast is a modeled for RVCA and is also designing a line with them( Jane from Sea of Shoes collaborated with UrbanOutfitters for a shoe line and Karla from Karla’s Closet modeled for American Apparel! I’d love to have one of these opportunities, but at the same time I’m just happy being a Fashion Blogging, Teen Vogue Interning, journalism student. I just hope that girls and guys who get into Fashion Blogging, don’t do it for the possible fame, but for the true art that it is.




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