The Immediacy of It All…..

28 11 2009

In recapping our discussion on fashion blogs and online forums, WWD’s Christina Roperti enlightened us with the concept of shifting roles when it comes to traditional fashion magazines making room for the fabulous web-based sources that we have all diverted our attention to this season. Interestingly enough, I found a great example which clearly illustrates the model that Roperti proposed.

Check out one of the blog posts on Fashionologie, “the online musings of a twenty-something American girl who wishes she could have a Freaky Friday incident and switch bodies with Phoebe Philo.” This awesome online source provided “insider wire,” with live updates from the Spring 2010 Rodarte Runway Show as it happened.

Talk about IMMEDIACY! A simple visit to the site, provided access to the show, not only as it happened, but even the action that took place 35 minutes prior!

“Rodarte’s Spring 2010 collection is scheduled to debut in about 35 minutes, and already clues to what we’ll be seeing are popping up from backstage. The hair is wrapped with netted wool, and the clothes are apparently the same texture, reports Grazia. Fashionista says the theme is ‘organic Native American’–the invites were made of sand–and the models are all tattooed.”

The rest of the post is complete with updates that include photos and completely detailed coverage of the show! It sounds like Roperti is onto something here, as blogs do seem to be the source to provide breaking news in fashion!

Check out the video from the Spring 2010 Rodarte Runway Show….(yes, it was available online the day of the show) 🙂




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