InGenYFashion Steps Outside the Box!

2 12 2009

As a journalism student I have always enjoyed writing and reporting. In school, I always found that I had a greater ability to work with words than with numbers. In exploring the changing fashion industry, I could not help but think about the major shifts occurring in the field of journalism. It is no longer sufficient to only write print articles. Journalists need to be twitter-saavy, Facebook-oriented, and privy to the idea of photojournalism.

Seriously lacking in photography skills, I decided to take a stab at the whole “Sartorialist/Streetstyle” thing. So I spent the last couple of weeks on the streets of New York City, equipped with my digital camera, a notepad, and a pen. My goal was to seek out the most fashionable people.

I had a great time. Here is a slideshow of the stylishly creative individuals that I saw and photographed! (the first two images and the last images are courtesy of Google Images). Enjoy! (Make sure to turn up your volume!)

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