The Influence of Teen Bloggers and Online Forums

11 11 2009

Booth Moore was certainly not joking when she said that fashion bloggers were the flavor of the season at this year’s Fashion Week. One blogger in particular, Jane Aldridge, has had a HUGE influence on the fashion world, with her blog Sea of Shoes. Watch this video to get acquainted with her….


Another Degree of Blogging….

2 10 2009
Wanna Major in Blogging?

Wanna Major in Blogging?

Blogging is not only making its mark on the fashion world. It has now moved onto other arenas. In particular, it has taken colleges and universities by storm.

Today’s New York Times, featured an article entitled “M.I.T. Taking Student Blogs to Nth Degree,” in which it discussed the use of blogs on university web sites as marketing tools to reel high school students in. Writing for the admissions website, college students utilize blogs to get personal and share their experiences at school.

Blogging has been a hit at schools like Bates, Colby, Amherst, and Yale.

In particular, M.I.T. students were mentioned.

“The M.I.T. student bloggers have diferent majors, ethnicities, residence halls, and, particularly, writing styles. Some post weekly or more; others disappear for months. The blogges are sought out as celebrities during the annual “Meet the Bloggers” session at Campus Preview weekend.”

Not just anyone is chosen to be a college blogger. At M.I.T., bloggers are chosen through a contest, and applicants have to submit several writing samples. It is actually just as hard to get a spot as a blog writer as it is to get into the unviersity itself! This year, 25 freshmen applied for four new spots and it was not easy to select the lucky few. Once chosen, the bloggers are paid $10.00 an hour for up to four hours a week. Not bad, right?

Blogging on campus is an excellent way to provide high school teens and prospective students with the chance to gain a preview of what college life will be like, and essentially they gain the means to decide whether or not that campus is right for them.

In regards to starting admission website student blogging, Jess Lord, the dean of admissions at Haverford College, said

“We’re learning, slowly, that this is how the world works, especially for high school students.”

Lord plans to add bloggers this spring to help admitted students hear about campus life.

Generation Y is definitely having an impact on the ways of the world. Who would of thought that admissions websites would offer blogging? Who knows, maybe next year high school students will do their college interviews on skype!

Read the rest of the article here.

Blogging is the NEW BLACK

1 10 2009

Look who has front row seats now! (Bloggers from the Sartorialist and BryanBoy)
Look who has front row seats now! (Bloggers from the Sartorialist and BryanBoy)

Photo Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

As New Yorkers mourn the passing of Fall Fashion Week, the parade of accessories, clothing, makeup, hair, and of course, blackberries, has moved to Europe, making just as big an impression…..

But this year, it seems that Fashion Week cannot go on without the presence BLOGGERS.

I came across an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal which was totally relevant to our discussion. It talks about European designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and how they have recently embraced digital technology, inviting bloggers to sit in the front rows at their fashion shows.

“While the New York shows have been inviting some bloggers for a few seasons now, many of Europe’s luxury houses have been slower to allow bloggers into the shows. But two days after the D&G event, at a show for the high-end Dolce & Gabbana line, four surprised bloggers found themselves seated in coveted spots near the queen of fashion,Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

Oh, and of course, one of our teen bloggers, BryanBoy, was quoted!

It may be time to tell celebrities and editors to move over… out, this could get ugly :/