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27 09 2009

Tavi Gevinson and BryanBoy have caught another bloggers eye! Carol Phillips, the president of the consulting firm Brand Amplitude, LLC, and also a professor at the University of Notre Dame has been blogging at Her blog is great, with several categories, including Boomers vs Millennials, Gen Y Trends, Millennial Brands, etc. 

Check out this great post she has on Fashion Bloggers, which of course mentions the now-famous names Gevinson and BryanBoy! Millennial Fashion Bloggers Making An Impact | Millennial Marketing

You can also find her blog link on my blog roll…….


So What Does Jayne O'Donnell Think?

25 09 2009

Luckily I got the chance to speak with Jayne O’Donnell, one of the authors of Gen Buy: How Tweens, Teens and Twenty-Somethings Are Revolutionizing Retail.


Jayne O'Donnell

Jayne O'Donnell


 O’Donnell is a retail and automotive reporter for USA Today.

While I found the book very interesting, one thing that I found to be cool was how extremely in-depth the analysis of Gen Y was. However, I wanted to ask Ms.O’Donnell what she felt about teen blogging. Here is what she had to say…..

Q: Does it surprise you that teen blogging has increased and that in the fashion world more and more teens have been using blogs to get noticed/break into the industry?

“No, it doesn’t surprise me. This is a generation (Y) that is used to having their opinions heard and valued at home so blogs are another way for them to speak out, just to a larger audience. It can help both sides. Because Gen Yers are so good at ‘connecting’ and it’s so important to them, blogs become both a way for them to reach other Gen Yers and a way for fashion retailers and manufacturers to get real time reaction from young people. Hiring these young people – if they meet the other qualifications, of course — would help fashion industry officials tap into key influencers. We argue in the book that retailers and marketers who want to reach Gen Y should use their Gen Y employees whenever possible for this – whether it’s posting their favorites on websites, sending them out to connect in communities (real or virtual) or training them in good customer service so they can recommend to consumers on the sales floor whether something looks good on them or not because that would resonate far more than it would if a baby boomer was trying to do the selling.”

Thanks Jayne, your insight if very valuable! 🙂


Gen Y: Inspiring Design

12 09 2009

Fashion Week Tents!Fashion Week Tents!

As Mercedes Benz Fashion Week kicks into full gear, new trends for Spring 2010 are emerging. The runways have been exploding with mini dresses, skin-hugging skirts, and rainbows of color. Also popular for next season are patch-worked fabrics, pleats, and slinky sheaths.

As each day this week is packed with show after show, the fashion savvy have their hands full and their heels on. While new designers are bursting onto the scene, old favorites are still holding their own.

They've Got Their Heels On

They've Got Their Heels On

But one question we have to consider is, where does the inspiration for new fashion lines come from?

Well, for one thing, we cannot forget to mention GEN Y!

Gen Y is in the know. Advances in technology and increasingly open access to media have enabled this generation to experience a constant stream of information. It pumps into their veins like an IV, providing a sense of livelihood, which than casts a serious influence on those around them!


In a September 11th article featured in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Fashion’s Secret Helpers,” we can see first hand that Gen Y is playing a large role in the realm of fashion design…

“Fashion houses stretch their search for inspiration from a teen in Texas to a blogger in the Phillippines. Rodarte finds a muse in a Chicago suburb.”

Now more than ever, fashion designers are looking outside of the box in order to generate new trends and unique creations.

“Some designers say they like having sources of inspiration who are outside the group mentality that can emerge from New York or Hollywood where editors, stylists, and retailers co-mingle.”

How awesome is that?!?!

So, the next time you are looking at pictures from a recent runway show, or maybe even sitting front row (if you are lucky), if you find yourself thinking, “wow thats really cool,” don’t forget to acknowledge the fact that a 20something-year old next to you may have been the guiding light, fueling that design’s creativity!

Check out the WSJ article here New York Fashion Week: Fashion’s Secret Helpers –

Y GenY?

10 09 2009
Fashion Week

Fashion Week

Like many others, you may be asking yourself the very simple question, “WHY GENY?” Why all the hype around this generation? Why do we care?

Perhaps it has to do with the huge influence generation y is having on certain aspects of the world. As we embark on one of the most celebrated weeks in New York City, that is right, FASHION WEEK, it only seems appropriate to mention “gen y’s” extraordinary impact on the fascinating realm of FASHION…..

With today’s surge in technology and a seemingly endless increase in the amount of time that teens and emerging adults spend engaged in the media, it is no wonder that unique points of view and new outlooks on life are constantly in formation. “Gen y-ers” are “in the know” and they are certainly making waves in the land of clothing, accessories, and catwalks.

I came across an interesting passage in Kenneth W Gronbach’s book, The Age Curve: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Storm.…which certainly touches upon the very notion mentioned above.

“My advice to those who are currently running Levi Strauss would be to get ready for Generation Y. Generation Y’s consumption of fashion will be huge and could launch Levi’s sales to the levels of the old days. However, don’t expect Generation Y to embrace the old standard Levi’s styles automatically. It’s not going to go down like that. This is a huge generation with very fragmented and individualistic ideas of what its members should look like.”

So WATCH OUT fashionistas, Gen Y is coming for you…and they are not holding back. 😉

P.S-You can learn more about Gronbach’s work by visiting his website at KGC Direct – Ken Gronbach