And Now a Word from Creator Yuri Lee

10 11 2009

GenYFashion-Yuri Lee

So, I just got off the phone with Yuri Lee, the creator of! The 25-year-old, Orange County native, launched the online fashion forum with her boyfriend Jason Su in April 2008. Lee explained that it was her love for fashion and the so-called “blogging boom,” which¬†inspired her to set up a community for the millions of “fashionable people out there who were unable to share their personal style.”

Almost two years later, Lee is quite surprised with the impact/success that has had. However, Lee says,

“I am still surprised everyday and I get excited when I see LookBook featured in a magazine that I have been reading since I was young. I hoped to see this kind of popularity, but I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself.”

Lee has now joined the ranks of the influential bloggers from whom she gained inspiration. Along with The Sartorialist and fashion-savvy blogs such as Jane Aldridge’s Sea of Shoes and BryanBoy, serves as a community free flowing with fashion ideas, creations, and trend forecasts. This was exactly what Lee had intended.

“My goal was to create a community where people could share their fashion and feel safe to express themselves without feeling like they were being judged.” also serves as a place where one can go to get real-time fashion advice. Lee explains,

“If you have to put an outfit together for a specific occasion, you can pop on the forum and gain access to hundreds of opinions, rather than just one magazine telling you what is in style.”

And why choose over a traditional fashion magazine?

“ has a DIY section where a lot of our users share ideas about vintage, thrift, and recreate, and you can’t find that in any magazine, which usually presents industry standard versions of what is out there. A lot of times, the style depicted in magazines is completely out of our price range. On a forum you get more individuality and uniqueness. You get a glimpse of people’s creative side.” is extremely intriguing. You have to apply or be invited to join and you start out with what Lee calls “low karma” and a low reputation. As you post more looks and gain more “hype,” your reputation grows. As long as you continue to post and adhere to all of the site rules, which ensure the quality of the sight, the higher you climb. page

Now if this is not fashion-forward, I don’t know what is.


Hello world!

9 09 2009

Welcome to “Y I’m Talking Bout My Generation”!

I hope you are all as excited as I am to explore the fascinating generation we like to call “GEN Y”.¬†

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